The first major piece of writing I undertook was an epic rehash of the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the age of eight. Sadly, this great piece of literature died along with the floppy disc that it was saved on. I went on to study History & International Relations at the University of Dundee, comparing the responses to the illegal trade in wildlife and drugs. This, and a few nascent articles in the university magazine, marked a first foray into the world of writing and journalism, particularly about the environment.

Above all I enjoy telling the stories of scientists, researchers and advocates who dedicate their lives to causes, however strange they may seem. Whether it’s biologists who study the wiry, maned wolf and its odd, marijuana smelling urine, conservationists who scream about what a natural wonder sea cucumbers are to anyone who’ll listen, or the avid species seekers who spend neck-wrecking hours sifting through taxonomic records.

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